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The idea of this blog is to share some of my favourite bits of mountain biking with the world. Principally so that you too can enjoy the bits I've enjoyed. And avoid the bits I've hated. So many people have given us advice on biking since we started - what bikes to buy, where to ride, how to ride. So this is my chance to feed a bit back to that body of knowledge.

I'd really welcome your comments - what have I raved about that you thought was awful? What gems did I miss when I visited your local riding spot? Is a bit that I said was awful actually sweet singletrack in the summer or when you're riding well? Comments will help this resource be improved for all readers, and also give me some hints as to where to ride next!

I've written a load about what we've ridden over the last year, and grouped it geographically. My plan is to add to it in the future, hopefully using the tags to keep each region together, though I haven't quite worked out how it will work yet. I may just need to start all over again in a year to keep things organised more sensibly - I'm not really sure a blog is the most sensible format - but it seems the best for me as I'm not terribly motivated to learn any more code than the day job necessitates.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Adrenaline Gateway

We decided to head over to Lancashire and ride both the Adrenaline Gateway trails in one day. We started at Gisburn. Annoyingly, there was an enduro going on so we got constantly overtaken by lycra-clad masochists. However, they were only on the loop that's closest to the car park, so we had the best bit of the trail to ourselves. It was a lot drier than last time, and hence really good and varied - technical bits, berms etc. There's a lovely black loop at the furthest point which is great fun. And a really steep roll in too. Hully's Gully has had loads of gravel added - presumably to combat the mud problems in the winter. But the mus wasn';t that slippery, and the gravel is a bit slidy, so I'm not sure it's much better. Gareth got some photos:Steep roll in (optional) - I crashed at the bottom, d'oh.
The rest of the photos are from the optional little black loop which is good fun.

After a lazy pub lunch we headed to Lee Quarry. Our strategy of being there both late and during the England game paid off and we had it pretty much to ourselves. I'll only describe the new bits sience last time. There's a new bit of singletrack close to the beginning - nothign terribly radical, but good to have more trail as the one thing Lee Quarry did lack was length in its trails. The downhill runs are now open - I think the idea is they get progressively harder so these are fun to play on too - all berms and stuff - nothing silly. And the area at the bottom of the downhill runs has been finished and is good fun for riding round and roudn and playign on the skinny logs which are nice and friendly - I even managed to ride the see saw on my 4th attempt....

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