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The idea of this blog is to share some of my favourite bits of mountain biking with the world. Principally so that you too can enjoy the bits I've enjoyed. And avoid the bits I've hated. So many people have given us advice on biking since we started - what bikes to buy, where to ride, how to ride. So this is my chance to feed a bit back to that body of knowledge.

I'd really welcome your comments - what have I raved about that you thought was awful? What gems did I miss when I visited your local riding spot? Is a bit that I said was awful actually sweet singletrack in the summer or when you're riding well? Comments will help this resource be improved for all readers, and also give me some hints as to where to ride next!

I've written a load about what we've ridden over the last year, and grouped it geographically. My plan is to add to it in the future, hopefully using the tags to keep each region together, though I haven't quite worked out how it will work yet. I may just need to start all over again in a year to keep things organised more sensibly - I'm not really sure a blog is the most sensible format - but it seems the best for me as I'm not terribly motivated to learn any more code than the day job necessitates.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

New trails at Gisburn

There has been a lot of work at Gisburn. More hardpack has been put into the exisiting trail which makes it less of a mud fest. Sometimes this is quite sublte, sometimes the trail has been totally restructured, for example on the climb the Sheep Hill (which is now a lot easier). I can't find an updated map, but basically there's a new bit of singletrack on the fireroad that you end up doing twice if you do the complete red. It's got loads of northshore on it but the most terrifying bits are avoidable.

More excitingly, there's a new downhill course which goes off the follows the fireroad climb up to Sheep's Hill back down again. It's wonderful, a good mix of tight bits, big berms and jumps at the end. Unfotunatly that outs you at the bottom of the climb again. It'll be interesting to see how they're planning this to fit in wiht the rest of the trails.

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